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I'm a Unity Developer and 3D Artist based in the United Kingdom. I've had a huge passion for video games since the C64 and since discovering Valve's Hammer Editor I've not stopped creating my own games and real time experiences. In 2004 I started a [BA] Games Design course at the University of Wolverhampton and by the time I had finished I had turned a hobby into a prospective career.

Since 2009 have been using these skills to create training and simulation applications as well as serious games for a variety of clients. See below for more info on my skills and past work.

Core Skillset

Software Specialisation


I have spent a number of years applying my creative skills and technical knowledge to creating immersive real time experiences. I have a strong ability to recreate real world objects and environments. This has been incredilbly beneficial for my work for training and simulation projects. You can find below a limited selection of my work below.
Environment Modelling
project 1
An example of models created for environments.
Real Time Architectural Visualisation
project 2
Architectural Visualisation using Unity.
project 3
WebGL Astroids clone.
24 Pounder Cannon Prop
Play Barn (2010)
Prop Modelling examples.
Atari 2600 Joystick
ROADflow (2010)
Retro controller rendered using Mental Ray.
Lab Oven Prop
Lab Oven Prop
Game Asset modelled from concept art.
Training and Simulations
Flight Deck Simulation (2011)
Flight Deck Officer training system built in Ogre 3D.
BOA Virtual Flythrough
BOA (2010)
Virtual Flythrough of Birmingham Ormistan Academy.
Play Barn Virtual Flythrough
Play Barn (2010)
Virtual flythrough of a proposed community centre.
ROADflow (2010)
Pre-rendered video demonstration of traffic enforcement equipment.
My Space on the Tibby
DoomEd (2007)
Serious Game made with the Source Engine.
DoomEd (2006)
A GCSE Science themed serious game made using the Source Engine.